Proven Asset Class

Light industrial properties are generally one-story properties located in or near major cities and close to key transportation links. Our properties are home to such activities as warehousing and storage, light assembly and shipping, call centers and technical support, professional services and a number of other similar uses. There are no significant heavy industrial activities conducted in our properties.

Our focus on light industrial properties is due to the long-term strength and stability of the sector. Historically, light industrial properties have generated, on average, income returns at or near the top of the Canadian real estate industry.

These solid returns are attributable to the sectors' continuing strong fundamentals:

  • Lower market rent volatility
  • Lower operating costs
  • High value generic-use space that is highly marketable
  • Broad and diverse tenant base that generally tracks the overall economy
  • Low capital expenditures, maintenance costs, leasehold improvement and tenant inducements